Who is the course for?

This course aims to support all those working on child protection case management. This includes child protection caseworkers as well as other child protection staff who play a critical role in providing quality case management services - or what is know as the Best Interests Procedure (BIP ), as developed by UNHCR, for refugee settings. 

The course is also for those of you working in other front line services responding to COVID-19 and  contributing to the protection of children. For example, you may be working in health, education, social protection, legal services, water/sanitation, law enforcement, or food distribution etc. You might be working in a humanitarian response context including supporting asylum-seeking, refugee, migrant and internally displaced (IDP) children. This course should also be of interest to you if you are working as an alternative care provider, or a member of a community level group, or a volunteer playing a role in protecting children in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We would like to stress, that this course focuses on providing additional information for anyone already qualified as a child protection caseworker whilst broadening the knowledge and confidence of those of you working in a range of other services and responding to child protection concerns. The course does not provide a qualification to certify you as a fully qualified child protection caseworker.

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